Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Family Tree

Thank you for all your messages as you've been reading All I Believe! I'm thrilled that my readers have been enjoying it, and I'm so happy to announce that after more than a week, it's still #1 in gay romance and gay fiction on Amazon!!

I've been asked about a family tree on occasion for all the characters, and I've had this posted in my Firsts and Forever facebook group, but thought I'd share it here, too. I hope it helps keep all those characters straight!

The Firsts and Forever Family Tree:
Who's Who and How They're Related

The Dombruso Family:
Sicilian-American family with roots in organized crime
Dante, Vincent, Gianni and Mikey are brothers
They were raised by their grandmother, Stana Dombruso (Nana)
Nico Dombruso is their cousin, and close friends with his cousin Gianni
Jessie works for Nana as a chauffeur/assistant

The Nolan Family:
Irish-American family, many of whom are in law enforcement
Kieran and Brian Nolan are brothers
Shea and Finn Nolan are brothers (Kieran and Brian are their cousins)
Jamie Nolan is their cousin

The Friends:
Christian and Skye are best friends. They went to Sutherlin art school with Christopher Robin
Skye’s brother is River. River’s boyfriend is Cole
Christopher is friends with Hunter Jacobs (Storm)
Chance and Christian are friends
Zachary is Chance’s friend
Yoshi is Gianni’s friend
Charlie is Jamie’s friend and ex-boyfriend

More family ties:
Zan is Christian’s father
TJ is Trevor’s father
Tony is Chance’s father
Chance’s brother is Colt
Colt’s boyfriend is Elijah

The Books in Order, and the Couples:
1. Way Off Plan: Jamie Nolan and Dmitri Teplov
2. All In: Charlie Connolly and Dante Dombruso
3. In Pieces: Christopher Robin Andrews and Kieran Nolan
4. Gathering Storm: Hunter Jacobs/Storm and Brian Nolan
5. Salvation: Trevor Dean and Vincent Dombruso
6. Skye Blue: Skye Fleischmann and Boxer Boy or Dare Evans (no spoilers) ;)
7. Against the Wall: Christian George and Shea Nolan
8. Belonging: Gianni Dombruso and Zan Tillane
9. Coming Home: Chance Matthews and Finn Nolan
10. All I Believe: Nico Dombruso and Luca Caruso

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Happy Holidays! <3