Friday, December 7, 2018

Making Merry is Live!

I'm so happy to announce that Making Merry is live on both Amazon and Smashwords! 

Here's the blurb:

What do the husband of a stressed out metal sculptor, a graffiti artist, an aging pop star, a young ranch hand, and an aspiring writer have in common?

They each have a story to tell in Making Merry.

Not everything goes according to plan in the quest for that mythical “Perfect Christmas”, but there are a lot of laughs, heartwarming romance, and some big surprises along the way. With the help of family and friends, somehow everything will work itself out – but maybe not in the way anyone was expecting.

These five interconnected holiday stories feature favorite characters from Alexa Land’s Firsts and Forever Series and its new spin-off, The Castaways Series. It’s approximately 50K in length, and while it can be read as a stand-alone, it’ll mean the most to readers familiar with the series.

The paperback has been uploaded to Amazon, and it should go live soon. 

Here are the links:

Amazon Global Link


Happy Holidays! I hope you enjoy this collection. :)

Sunday, November 25, 2018

Cover Reveal!

Check out the cover reveal of Making Merry, my upcoming holiday collection, at Bike Book Reviews! That's Zan on the cover, from my Firsts and Forever book Belonging. I'm planning to release the holiday collection in early December, exact date TBA.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I'm giving away two copies of the Heart2Heart charity anthology on Amazon. Click here for a chance to win. :)  (Sadly, Amazon limits these giveaways to US residents, apologies to my overseas readers).

Now Available!

I'm proud to be a part of this wonderful charity anthology. Heart2Heart Volume 2 is now available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY! You can find it here. Don't miss out on these great stories for a great cause! All proceeds go to three LGBTQ charities. Available on #KindleUnlimted and for sale as either an ebook or paperback, it's a HUGE volume (17 original stories)! Heart2Heart Vol. 2 is only available for 90 days.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Halloween Sale

I put The Tinder Chronicles on sale for 99 cents, but just until October 31st. Happy Halloween! :)

Friday, October 12, 2018

Kindred Spirits is Live!

Kindred Spirits is now available on Amazon as both an ebook and a paperback, and on Smashwords as an ebook. I sincerely hope you enjoy Elijah's story!

Amazon links:


Monday, October 8, 2018

Welcome Lynn Michaels & The Dirty Dozen Blog Hop!

Hi everyone, welcome to the Dirty Dozen Blog Hop! Here's how it works: for 12 days leading up to GRL, 12 authors are hosting each other on our blogs or websites and answering 12 questions each. Visit our Rafflecopter link here to enter the drawing to win 12 ebooks, one from each of the participating authors. 

I'm thrilled to host my friend Lynn Michaels today! Let's get right to her interview:

Amy Wasp - What is your favorite trope to write and why?
I like writing in so many tropes, but my favorite is twisting them up.  For example, taking friends to enemies to lovers or “not interested in anybody because I’m too busy with my career” but now I’m gay for you. I want to take the standards and make them new. It’s also why I like writing speculative fiction and fantasy.

Jeff Adams - what’s your favorite part of the writing process and why?
Initially building and outlining the story. That’s where massive creativity comes in. I’m discovering who the characters are and what they want and how the plot will move for the first time. It’s always exciting.

TM Smith – What inspires you to write?
What doesn’t inspire me would be a shorter list. I catch inspiration and ideas from everywhere, even just driving down the road.

AE Via - What career would you have if you never would've published your first book?
I’m a part time writer and a corporate recruiter in real life.

Lynn Michaels - How do you balance being original and giving the readers what they expect/want?
Obviously, I’m still working on this one. I’m starting to get an idea about what my readers are looking for, but I think I’m having more fun trying to surprise them with something different than what they expect.

JR Barten  - What have you done as a writer that you are most proud of?
This is the hardest question. I’m so proud of everything I’ve done so far.  I think two things stands out right now, though. First, just getting that very first thing published. It took a lot of guts to put myself out there, and I had no clue what I was doing. The second is having Our Own Story accepted at eXtasybooks. The first was my own validation and the second was my first external validation.

Morningstar Ashley  - What genre and trope would you like to write that you haven't yet? 
I’ve been liking the fake boyfriend thing lately. I’m thinking it would be a lot of fun to see what I could do with it.

Alexa Land - What are you working on now, and when can your readers expect it?
Bike Business: A Holeshot Novel.  Hopefully...February. Also an angel and demon story that may be out before that one.

Deanna Wadsworth - How do you come up with your character's names?
Sometimes it just comes to me. They tell me who they are, but sometimes I have to play around with names until I get it. There are different baby name lists and name generators online that I can peruse if I’m getting stuck. Once or twice, I’ve asked my readers for suggestions.

K-Lee Klein - Do you usually have only one project on the go or do you multitask between stories?
I have a pipeline. Different stories at different stages. Some being outlined, some in edits, some with Beta readers, some being drafted. I try to only focus on one when I’m drafting, but that’s often difficult.

Jessie Gin - What do you think makes a good story?
The unexpected. Things that surprise you, but still feel like they fit the story. The characters have to be well developed and able to run with whatever is thrown at them.

Wade Kelly - What is your suggestion or piece of advice to new and upcoming authors?
¾ of the process is editing. Make sure you edit, edit, and then edit some more. Get people to help you. Beta readers are GOLDEN.

 Let's take a closer look at one of Lynn's books:

The Holeshot

In the world of Supercross, taking the holeshot means one racer leaps ahead of the crowd and into first, leaving the rest of the pack behind. If Supercross racer Davey McAllister knows anything, it's how to take the holeshot. When the hot rising star mechanic, Tyler Whitmore, shows up in his bed, Davey does just that. But, dating a competitor's mechanic threatens to blow his ride if anyone finds out. With the fear of losing his sponsors, he has to keep his love life completely under cover, but Davey is in deep and wants to tell the world how much he loves Tyler. 

Tyler Whitmore wants to be out of the closet, but dating the competition is a death sentence for his career. Overprotective of Davey's reputation and his own dreams, Tyler refuses to commit to his lover and is afraid of falling hard. Will they ever be able to find their way through the Premiere racing league pitfalls and acknowledge their love? 

 Here are Lynn's bio and links:

Lynn Michaels lives and writes in Tampa, Florida where the sun is hot and the Sangria is cold. When she’s not writing she’s kayaking, hanging with her husband, or reading by the pool. Lynn writes Male/Male romance because she believes everyone deserves a happy ending and the dynamics of male characters can be intriguing, vulnerable, and exciting. She has both contemporary and paranormal titles and has been writing since 2014. Her stories don’t follow any set guidelines or ideas, but come from her heart and contain love in many forms.

Lynn Michaels Social Media Links:


Thank you so much Lynn for dropping by my blog today! I'm looking forward to seeing you at GRL! Everyone else, remember to enter that Rafflecopter giveaway! Here's the list of ebooks you could win:

Amy Wasp – City Boy
Jeff Adams – The Hockey Player’s Heart
TM Smith – Survivor or Lover
AE Via – Winner’s Choice
Lynn Michaels – The Holeshot
JR Barten  - Unf;nished    
Morningstar Ashley 
Alexa Land – The Rest of Forever
Deanna Wadsworth – Easy Rider
K-Lee Klein – Lazy Sundays
Jessie Gin – Rebuilding Hope
Wade Kelly -  Winner’s Choice 

The blog hop is continuing for several more days, so keep an eye out on social media for interviews with these fantastic authors:

October 1st - Amy Wasp will host Wade Kelly
October 2nd - Jeff Adams will host Jessie Gin
October 3rd - TM Smith will host K-Lee Klein
October 4th - AE Via will host Deanna Wadsworth
October 5th - Lynn Michaels will host Alexa Land
October 6th - JR Barten will host Morningstar Ashley
October 7th - Morningstar Ashley will host Jen JR Barton
October 8th - Alexa Land will host Lynn Michaels
October 9th - Deanna Wadsworth will host AE Via
October 10th - K-Lee Klein will host TM Smith
October 11th - Jessie Gin will host Jeff Adams
October 12th - Wade Kelly will host Amy Wasp