Monday, August 11, 2014

So, this amazing thing happened!

An excerpt from Skye Blue is featured today on Huffington Post blogger Michael Alvear's site! Michael co-hosted HBO's The Sex Inspectors, and is also author of the bestseller Make a Killing on Kindle and relationship advice books like Men Are Pigs but We Love Bacon. This is huge, guys!! Check it out here!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Reader Appreciation Contest, Part One!

Welcome to the start of Alexa’s Reader Appreciation Week! For helping Skye Blue get to the number one spot in gay fiction, romance, and erotica on Amazon, we’re going to celebrate!! Here’s the first of several giveaways I’ll be doing this week. In this one, I’m going to make you work for it, but just a little. ;)

It’s no secret that I’m a bigtime Sci Fi movie geek. In fact, as all my readers know, my books are sprinkled with references to science fiction and fantasy movies. Let’s see if you’ve been paying attention! :D To enter the contest, send me an email at (and no, I'm not going to spam you, I don't even keep a mailing list) naming as many of my nerdy movie references as you can think of and telling me briefly who said it or what the context was. For every movie you name accurately, you get one entry in the contest! If you think of more movies later, you can email me again and I’ll add more entries for you!

This contest is running simultaneously on my Facebook page and you can also enter by sending me your answers in a private message on Facebook. This is just the first of several giveaways this week and it only runs for 48 hours, so you’ll need to get your emails to me by noon Monday, 8/11/14, Pacific Standard Time.

I know, I’m making you work for it! But I have confidence in my readers, I know you’ve been paying attention! There are TONS of these references in all my books. And by the way, you can draw from more than just my Firsts and Forever series! For those of you that have read my paranormal books, Feral, which is a stand-alone, and the two novellas in the Tinder Chronicles, you can use those too!

Remember, your name goes in the drawing for each individual reference you can come up with! And what do you get for this effort? I’m giving away TWO $75 Amazon gift cards!! One will go to whoever I draw out of all the entries I receive. The second will go to the name I draw from the top ten participants that send me the most references!! So, GOOD LUCK! Ready? GO!!

Friday, August 8, 2014

Interview and BIG Giveaway!

Hi everyone! Check out my interview over at Two Chicks Obsessed With Books and Eye Candy! I'm giving away some BIG prizes, including two $50 Amazon gift cards and my entire catalog of ebooks, all nine of them!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thank you!!

Thanks to you, my awesome readers, Skye Blue just hit number one in gay fiction on Amazon!! Thank you so much for making that happen!!

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Now Available!

Skye Blue is live on Amazon! You can find it here. It's now on Smashwords too for those of you that use other e-readers. I hope you enjoy it! :)

Friday, July 25, 2014

One Week From Today!!!

How can it possibly be August next week already?! Fortunately, my Skye Blue edits are coming right along and the book will be on Amazon one week from today, on Friday August 1st! So excited to bring you this one! :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Rainbow Con 2015 - More Than Just Fiction

Hello, and welcome to Alexa Land's blog, which has temporarily been taken over by the folks of RainbowCon. If you haven't heard of us, the Rainbow Conference (aka RainbowCon) is a four-day conference taking place in Tampa, Florida July 16th through 19th next year. Four days of nothing but GLBTQ content geared toward bringing people together over artistic diversity. The first RainbowCon took place just this last April, and we're thrilled about putting on our second con.   The one big difference for the 2015 event is that we've expanded our programming. RainbowCon's first event took a relatively narrow approach, focusing entirely on the wonderful diversity of GLBTQ fiction, from sweet and adventurous YA books to stories on the fringes of the more adult-oriented genres. We had panels spanning the vastness of fiction to take on light and serious topics alike, but there were also workshops for aspiring or established writers and a couple fun events in the evenings. For our 2015 event, fiction is just the tip of the iceburg!  
  If you take a look at our schedule online, one of the first things you'll likely notice is that the topics vary widely. Here are a few sneak peeks!  
  • Fiction – Yes, it's true, we still have many panels devoted to fiction. From craft and industry panels to tropes, taboos, genre crossing, and handling criticism. In addition to the wide variety of panels (a couple of which will be making a second appearance from our first con), we have an entire room devoted to workshops throughout the extended weekend. Everything from taking the step from hobby to career to worldbuilding, action, dialogue, or writing awesome bad guys. If you want to add to your skill set as a writer, you're likely to find a workshop right up your alley.
  • Fandom – Because of the lower representation of QUILTBAG characters in various media, fandom is often where fans of television shows, movies, and/or fiction can find a bit more representation of our diverse community. Whether it's reading Between the Lines of Sherlock or Queering Middle-Earth with fellow Tolkien fans, there are plenty of opportunities to commiserate with other fans at RainbowCon. Sometimes, it's not just what was in the original media so much as the ripples it made in the community of fans that makes a character or plot so beloved.
  • Comics – This medium has an amazing impact due to the tantalizing combination of both storytelling and visual elements. Our Guests of Honor for 2015 are Alex Woolfson and Adam DeKraker, the creator and illustrator of The Young Protectors, an online comic surrounding GLBTQ themes and superheroes. The pair will share their knowledge in a few panels, and we have others celebrating the various comics that support the visibility of GLBTQ content online!
  • Television – From Star Trek to Xena: Warrior Princess to Queer as Folk, there's no doubt that television has had an incredible impact on the QUILTBAG community, both in terms of visibility and the perpetuating (and sometimes dismantling) of stereotypes. We have a broad spattering of panels that will take a look at the lasting effects of certain television genres as well as specific shows, both past and present.
  • Movies – Come on. Do we really have to tell you that we're also covering movies? While not all the panels single out individual titles, we'll hit upon topics such as Why Does the Gay Dude Die First?, the Appeal of the Fairy Tale Retelling, and even a lighthearted discussion of GLBT Movies That Sucked (And Some That Didn't). A little bit of everything!
  • Other Media – Other arts can certainly play a role in the QUILTBAG community, and RainbowCon wants to celebrate them as well! GLBTQ content on stage (theatre) and in music can completely captivate us. In addition to that, pop culture provides many instances of actors, musicians, and activists becoming icons, some outspoken and others whose lives in the past are still beloved. Whether you're a fan of Angels in America or know every lyric to RENT's “La Vie Boheme”, you'll have a place here!
  • Education – We're thrilled to also feature an entire track of panels and workshops aimed at educating con-goers on various topics, from dispelling bisexual myths and understanding genderqueer identity, to coming out and bullying, to queerbaiting and even getting kids reading. There are plenty of opportunities to learn a little something new or share your knowledge with others eager to know more. This part of the programming allows the con not only to be fun but to also make a potential impact.
  And, if you can believe it, that's still just a peek! We have activities for those who want to get crafty at the con, we have GLBTQ games available, and even a field trip out to our official charity, the Tampa Bay Big Cat Rescue. We know it's a lot of content, but we hope that everyone will find something to enjoy at the con. The very best thing about coming down to a con like ours is that, whether you identify within the QUILTBAG spectrum or just enjoy queer content in various media, you'll be coming to a safe space where you can express yourself, network, and make new friends. These are your people, this your community, and when we all come together, it really can be a once in a lifetime experience.  
  To learn more about RainbowCon, visit or follow along on Facebook or Twitter! Registration is now OPEN!