Monday, August 12, 2019

Alexa's Links

I recently compiled a list of my links for an upcoming guest post on another blog and realized I should share it here as well. Here are a few places to find out about my upcoming books, in addition to this blog.

Where to find Alexa Land Online:


Sunday, July 21, 2019

When Griffin met Sam

I've decided to revisit the universe of my vampire hunter trilogy, The Tinder Chronicles, for my next project. This still-untitled work in progress is the story of a clueless warlock named Griffin whose world starts spiraling out of control just as he's beginning a relationship with a gorgeous barista and artist named Sam. Tinder and August/Bane from The Tinder Chronicles will be supporting characters. I'm planning on a fun, light romp with a lot of laughs and a truly endearing couple. It'll probably be out in early September.

To support this new release, I've re-edited The Tinder Chronicles and will make it available on Amazon and Kindle Unlimited soon. I didn't change the story at all, but I'm a much different writer five years down the road, so I've just given it a bit of a polish.

I've also given books set in this universe a series name, which is The California Obscura Series. I love the idea of a hidden world existing just below the surface of bright, sunny Southern California, which is where I grew up.

Now I'd like to introduce you to Griffin and Sam, the two main characters from my work in progress. Griffin the narrator is a train wreck, and Sam steps in to help at the start of their story. The following excerpt is still unedited:

 It should have come as no surprise.
The well-worn strap on my messenger bag had been hanging on by a thread for days. Weeks, even. Since the zipper had broken months ago, there was nothing to contain the cascade of notebooks, pens, and miscellaneous detritus as the strap finally gave way and the bag hit the floor.
But why did it have to be that morning, while I was waiting in line at my favorite coffee house? I’d rolled out of bed minutes before and had wasted no time pursuing my caffeine fix. That meant my dark hair was sticking up in every direction, I’d put on my thick, clunky glasses instead of messing with contacts, and I’d thrown a jacket over the T-shirt and sweats I’d slept in. In other words, I was already a hot mess even before the strap broke, and now every single person in a twenty-foot radius was staring at me.
When I dropped to my knees and began collecting my scattered possessions, an absolutely beautiful guy knelt down right in front of me and exclaimed, “Oh no! Let me help you.”
We both reached for the same item, and when his fingers grazed mine, embarrassment made me pull my hand back like it had been scalded. Ugh, why did I have to be such a dork? While the people in line stepped around us, he began gathering my dozen notebooks and asked, “Are you a writer?”
“Kind of.” People used to assume I was a student when they saw the stuff I hauled around with me. But at twenty-seven, maybe I no longer gave off that collegiate vibe.    
His hair was light brown, streaked with gold by the sun, and I watched as he tucked a lock behind his ear. Even though he’d tried to tie it back, several wisps had escaped, and they almost reached his shoulders. It looked like it was probably really soft. After a moment, I realized he’d asked me a question, and I muttered, “Huh?” Smooth.
“I asked if this is a book you’re working on.” He rested a hand on the stack of mismatched notebooks he’d collected. All sorts of notes and papers were sticking out of them, and a lot more had fallen out. God, what a mess. When I nodded, he asked, “What’s it about?”
Oh man, I hated that question, mostly because I didn’t really know the answer. While I flailed around for something to say, I noticed he was wearing a black apron over his T-shirt and jeans, along with a plastic name tag that said ‘Sam’. He must be new, because I was in that coffee house all the time, and I sure as hell would have remembered him.
Finally, I admitted, “I don’t even know anymore. It started out as a noir-style murder mystery set in 1930s L.A., and then it sort of morphed into a gay love story. Well, kind of. The two main characters started having loads of sex, and I just ran with it. Then about halfway through, I added some science fiction elements, but that was a huge mistake. I tried to weed them back out again, but that left me with great, big, gaping plot holes. Now it’s around four hundred, thirty-seven thousand words of total garbage. I should really just throw it away and start over, because the more I work on it, the more convoluted it becomes.”
His smile revealed an adorable pair of dimples. Holy crap, as if he wasn’t already cute enough. And his eyes, wow. They were pale blue rimmed in cobalt, and they were absolutely striking. He pulled me out of my reverie by saying, “You definitely shouldn’t throw it away. I’ll bet there’s a lot of great stuff in here.” He held my notebooks in the crook of his arm and ran his fingertips over a scribbled note on one of the covers.
Okay, I really needed to stop staring at this guy. I turned my attention to the floor and raked a bunch of pens, sheets of paper, and miscellaneous crap toward me, then began throwing things into the bag by the handful as I told him, “Even if there is, you’d have to slog waist-deep through raw sewage to find it.” Gross. Maybe I could have found a less stomach-churning mental image.
Sam handed me the notebooks, and then he straightened up and looked around. It was bad enough when he produced a small box of condoms from beneath a nearby table, but then he glanced at it and said, “You should probably be aware that these expired three years ago.”
Kill. Me. Now.

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

It's Live!

Keeping Secrets is live on Amazon! You can find the ebook here and the paperback here.  Hopefully they'll actually be linked at some point, but that hasn't happened yet.

I sincerely hope you enjoy Beck's story!

Monday, June 24, 2019

Keeping Secrets

I've uploaded Keeping Secrets, book 3 in my Castaways Series, to Amazon! Now it's just a waiting game until the ebook and paperback go live.

Like the rest of the series, this book will be available on Kindle Unlimited. Because KU requires books to be exclusive to Amazon, I'm sorry to say it won't be available at other outlets at this time.

Keeping Secrets is Beck's story. I'll post here when it goes live. In the meantime, here's the blurb:

The truth can cost you everything.

Twenty-six-year-old Beck Medina is convinced of that. He’s been abandoned by so many people over the course of his life, including most of his adopted family. Now he’s created a new family for himself at the resort he manages on Catalina Island. But they don’t know the whole truth about him.

As much as he hates keeping secrets from the people he loves, he knows revealing the truth is a gamble. What if they all walk away from him, like so many others have before?

Then there’s gorgeous, mysterious Lee Speros. The tall, handsome Greek is harboring secrets too, and some of his are deadly. Just as Beck and Lee take the first tentative steps toward becoming a couple, Lee’s dark past finally catches up to him. The fallout threatens to destroy not only the two of them, but everyone they hold dear.

With impossible odds stacked against them, can two stubborn, fiercely independent men learn to accept help not only from each other, but from the people who care about them? And once they reveal all, will the truth set them free? Or will it cost them everything, just like Beck always feared?

Monday, June 10, 2019

Keeping Secrets is Coming Soon!

Next up in the Castaways Series is Beck's book. It's called Keeping Secrets, and I'm shooting for a release date of June 28th. As always, I'll post here and in my Facebook reader's group when it goes live!

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Some thoughts on Starting Over

Starting Over had made it through the beta process, gotten its final polish, and is now in the hands of my graphic designer. It's getting SO CLOSE!!!

I'm incredibly excited about this one! More than any other book I've written (and this is #24) I feel like this one has been building for years.

We've watched Colt grow up before our eyes, from that skinny teenager in Wyoming who we met in Coming Home (back in 2015) to a young man trying to find his way. We also watched his relationship with Elijah fall apart, and ever since then Colt's been trying to pick up the pieces and move on. That's part of the reason for the title, Starting Over.

But the title fits his love interest, Renaldo Medina, too. Ren used to have it all: a famous boyfriend, a successful IT company, money, prestige. But for the last three years, his life has been on a downward spiral. His relationship ended on a blindside, his resort is failing, and he doesn't know what to do with the next chapter of his life.

Even though this is a May-December romance (the two main characters are 21 and 41), I love the fact that they have a lot in common, including the fact that they're both trying to answer the question: what's next for me?

Answering that question takes them from friends to lovers, and it brings Colt back to his home state of Wyoming, so his story comes full circle. In order to figure out where he's going, Colt needs to understand where he's been. And Ren is at his side, every step of the way.