Sunday, December 20, 2015

Happy Holidays!

I wrote a fun little short story as a holiday treat for my readers, I hope you enjoy it! It's 21,000 words, it's live on Amazon and Smashwords and is just 99 cents. It's told from Andreo's point of view. We met Luca's brother in All I Believe. That's Nico's brother Constantino (Connie) on the cover.

Here's the blurb:

It’s Christmas Eve at Nana Dombruso’s house, and a wild party is in full swing. Gangsters, strippers and Nana’s ‘gay homosexuals’ are certainly bringing the holiday cheer. But all I can think about is what will happen when I see Constantino Dombruso again.

Connie and I have a very long, very complicated history. The last time I saw him, he’d been hired to carry out a hit on my brother Luca and me. He didn’t go through it, but the tension between us is at an all-time high.

His life has been on a troubling trajectory over the last decade. But the fact is, Connie got under my skin a long time ago, and despite everything, the attraction between us has always been electric.

When we see each other tonight at the party, there could be fireworks or gunfire. It could go either way.

***This holiday short story features characters from Alexa Land’s best-selling Firsts and Forever series. It’s told from Andreo’s perspective, who was introduced in the most recent book in the series, All I Believe. But it can also be enjoyed as a stand-alone for those unfamiliar with the series.

Happy Holidays!! <3