Thursday, August 29, 2013

Hunted: Book Two Of The Tinder Chronicles

For those of you that have been eagerly awaiting the next installment of The Tinder Chronicles (all six of you, heh!), good news: I've just finished writing it, and am now moving into editing. I should have it to you in a few days.

I decided to use the same main cover image for all the books in this ongoing serial:
I don't know if that's a brilliant idea, or a really stupid one! 

Here's a random fun fact about that cover, by the way: I knew I wanted to include a wooden stake, but couldn't find a stock photo I liked. So, I actually went out in my back yard and whittled a stake out of a 2x2 (with the help of my kiddo, which I think makes me a pretty interesting mom, hahaha!) and then stained and distressed it to make it look old. Viola -- a vampire hunter's best friend! Sometimes it's fun to be me. :)

Ok, I'm going to get back to work. But just a reminder before I go: be sure to follow the link in my last blog post to watch a truly exceptional short film about young love. It's one of the most moving things I've seen in a while.


Something beautiful

Hi friends. Just came across this incredible short film. Thought it was so beautiful that I had to share:

Love through the eyes of a teenager


Thursday, August 15, 2013

It was the best of months, it was the worst of months....

What a tumultuous summer this has been! There have been epic highs and such very low lows. As mentioned in a previous post, my 19 year marriage ended a few weeks ago, which threw my world off its axis. And yesterday, I had major surgery, which I was scared about but which went perfectly. I'm back at home in my own bed now and recovering well, so all is good there.

Sandwiched in between those two negatives was the most wonderful positive: I got to take my nine year old son on an amazing vacation, a Disney cruise to Alaska, and it was pure magic. That was my first major purchase with the money I've made from my writing, and I owe all of my readers a huge hug, because your support made that dream come true!

In between all of that, I've been writing sporadically, working simultaneously on both the next installment of Tinder and on Hunter's story. I can't say with any certainty when they'll be finished. I know better than to try to promise things by a certain date, given how very unpredictable life is these days. But know that no matter what, I will keep writing, and will try to get Tinder finished just as soon as I possibly can.

Hugs to you,