Thursday, January 8, 2015

Monday, January 12th!!

I'm thrilled to announce that Against the Wall will be available on this Monday, January 12th! Christian's story is the seventh book in my best-selling Firsts and Forever Series. I'll also make it available on Smashwords for those using other ereader platforms.

You met Christian in Skye Blue, and you'll finally learn the secrets the young graffiti artist is carrying around as he falls hard for sweet, sexy police officer Shea Nolan. Many of your favorite characters from the series are back in this book, including Skye and of course Nana! You'll be meeting some new characters as well, and I hope they find a place in your heart!

I've been eating, sleeping and breathing this book for the past few months. It's been quite a journey! I can hardly wait for you to travel this road with Christian and Shea!