Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Later this year

A lot of you have asked (the moment you finished Against the Wall, LOL!) "When's the next book coming out?!" I set some goals for myself for 2015, and I thought I'd share them with you.

I plan to release four books in the Firsts and Forever series in 2015. Against the Wall was the first. The next book will be Gianni's story. That's going to be a lot lighter than Against the Wall, with loads of fun Nana moments since Gianni is currently living under her roof. I want to get that one to you in April.

After that, I'm planning to write Chance's story. I should be able to bring it to you in August. I've just begun conceptualizing that one, and I can see part of the story taking place back home in Wyoming, which will be a good change of scenery.

The main character for the fourth book of 2015 is yet to be determined, but I'd like to publish it in December. We'll see who leaps out at us for that book as new characters are developed over this year!

So, that's a full-length novel every 4 months! Can she do it?! A better question is, can she do it and remain sane? :)  I'll say this: I'm sure as hell going to try. Sometimes life implodes and plans have to shift a bit, we all know that. But this is what I'm shooting for.

Thank you to everyone who's been contacting me to let me know how much you enjoyed Against the Wall! I'm really looking forward to bringing you new characters and revisiting your favorites as we work our way through 2015!