Monday, July 22, 2013

And the good news is....

I'm hard at work on the second installment of the Tinder Chronicles. It should be out around the end of August or early September. For those of you that have asked, there is no preplanned number for that series, I'll keep writing them as long as there's a demand, and as long as it stays fun. :)

The same goes for my Firsts and Forever series. I previously announced plans for a fourth book in that series, which will be Hunter's story. I'll keep writing these books as long as my readers keep enjoying them and asking for more.

Since the Firsts and Forever books really aren't sequels and always have different main characters, it's not limited to a set number. Even though some characters carry over from one story to the next, I've always intentionally written each book so it can stand alone. That way, readers can come in anywhere in the series without feeling lost.

A few people have asked when they can expect Hunter's story. And the answer is -- good question. :) Christopher's story took me a solid five months, and it's probably reasonable to expect Hunter's story will take the same. That would put it around a Christmas release date. It really depends on how easily this one comes together, how much life gets in the way of my writing, and so forth. My advice is to just keep checking back on my blog, I always post updates here.

By the way, December will also be my one year anniversary as a writer. It's been quite a ride, let me tell you. :)