Saturday, February 23, 2013

Woo hoo!!

So here's something I never thought would happen in a bajillion years: All In has been holding in the number two slot in gay fiction on Amazon for the past couple days! Also incredible is that more people are discovering Way Off Plan, and that pulled it back up into the top 20!

I am abso-freakin-lutely thrilled!! Ok sure, we're gonna get knocked out of that number 2 slot any minute, but I'm just gonna love every second of it while I can. :) Thank you thank you thank you to all my readers!

Now for some updates:

For those of you that have asked, Christopher's story is coming right along and I'm tentatively shooting for a May release date. And Feral, my paranormal romance, should be released sometime in late March.

By the way, I was messing with Feral's cover this weekend, and the new version is over in the right margin. What do you think? Better than the single-image version? I'm trying to step up my cover game, lol!