Monday, February 18, 2013

Thank you -- and a Call for Beta Readers

Thank you to my readers, each and every one of you! And an extra thank you to those that have taken the time to leave reviews on Amazon for All In, and emailed me with positive feedback. I totally appreciate it!

Most of you know I'm a very new writer. I had this crazy idea last year to start writing novels and self-publishing them on Amazon. It's basically been a learn-as-you-go process.

As it now stands, I kind of write in a vacuum. I don't ask my family or friends to read my stuff before I publish it (because my work is, as you know, quite explicit). When both my books were published, they'd only been read by me beforehand. And like most writers, it's really hard for me to have any perspective on my own work. Even something as simple as a typo can be elusive -- because I know what it's supposed to say, and sometimes read right over typos as if they're not there.

Well, I want to try making a change in my writing process. I want to try getting a bit of feedback on my books before I publish them. And that's where you come in! 

I want to put together a small panel of beta readers. These individuals will be sent my next book free of charge and before anyone else gets it (in PDF format, which probably means it'll have to be read on a computer -- Kindles do open PDF files, but I personally find it awkward to read PDFs on a Kindle). This position pays absolutely nothing. LOL.

So basically, you'd be doing this out of the goodness of your heart, and because you're dying to get your hands on my next book! Oh and also, because some of you just love telling others what you think of their writing. :)

What I want from my beta readers is basic feedback -- did you like the story? Where any parts unclear? Were there any WTF moments? ;) And where are those damn typos hiding?!

If being a beta reader interests you, shoot me an email at: and tell me a little about who you are (name, age, location), what you think you'll bring to the reader panel, and why you want to volunteer.

I'm only going to need about five people. And I'm going to be very selective in putting this reader panel together, because I'm putting an unpublished manuscript in the hands of strangers and that takes a ton of trust. If you're someone that's been in touch with me in the past or that's left me a review on Amazon, I'm much more likely to select you.

The book I'll be looking for feedback on this time around is Feral, my paranormal m/m romance, which should be ready for beta reading in a couple weeks. And yeah, that genre isn't everyone's cuppa tea. But if getting an early look at Feral with the chance to give me feedback appeals to you, then shoot me an email!

This is a little experiment. If it seems to go well, I may do this for the Firsts and Forever series as well. But that all depends on how this first reader panel goes!