Monday, June 27, 2016

Over the Rainbow

I contributed an upbeat short story featuring Dante and Charlie from my Firsts and Forever Series to this anthology. All money raised goes to the Orlando shooting victims and their families. The book is now available for preorder. Information and the buy link follows:


It is with great pride, that we reveal the cover, and the blurb, for 'Over The Rainbow,' our charity Anthology book. All proceeds will go to the victims families of this terrible event.

Until we meet again on the other side of the rainbow.

We all woke up to the terrible news on Sunday 12th June, 2016, of the horrific attack in Orlando, and not only did it affect the LGBT community, it also outraged the world.

So many of us felt powerless as we watched the horror unfold upon our screens, but Patricia Strehle had a remarkable idea, one that would galvanize an entire community into action. Patricia brought a group of people together with the idea of creating a book, an anthology, and donating all the proceeds from its sale to the families affected by this terrible tragedy.

Over The Rainbow is the result—stories contributed by so many wonderful authors from all over the world. These stories are meant to inspire, to warm the heart, to bring a smile or a gentle laugh to help guide us all through the darkness, and to remind us that we all inhabit this world together, that we need to be kind, and that sometimes, we just need to follow that yellow brick road hand in hand.

Contributing Authors :
Amber McCarty
Tianna Xander
Sue Mac Nicol
April Kelley
Jo Bird
Shayne Evans
Adriana Kraft
Chris Inman
Shay Bell
Cameron Allie
Lee-Ann Wallace
Susan Reeves
Tensa Reign
Alexa Land
Kate Randel
Christine Jayne Vann
Andrew Jericho
Grein Murray
Tina Mrazik
Jo Tannah
Lisa Henry
Charlotte Anderson
Tracy Bellamy
Sue Hayes
Sean Kerr
Violet Thorne
Tina Blenke
Caitlin Ricci
A J Marcus