Monday, November 23, 2015

Thursday, December 3rd!

I'm thrilled to announce that All I Believe, the 10th book in the best-selling Firsts and Forever series, will go live on Amazon and Smashwords on Thursday, December 3rd! I won't be doing preorders, but I will post the link here when it goes live.

All I Believe is Nico Dombruso's story. Half of it takes place on a whirlwind vacation in Italy with Nico, Nana and Jessie. I really enjoyed taking the series to several beautiful, exotic locations in this book!

You'll also get to revisit some favorite couples from previous books, including Dante and Charlie, Vincent and Trevor, Gianni and Zan, and others. And of course, Nana is up to her usual shenanigans!

Here's the work-in-progress blurb (which also appeared at the end of the most recent book in the series, Coming Home): 

Nico Dombruso has learned to keep the world at arm’s length after being badly burned by his last relationship. But when he meets a gorgeous, mysterious stranger on vacation in Italy, he decides to make an exception and enjoy a summer fling. It’s just sex, after all, so what’s the harm?

He’s shocked when he finds himself able to open up to this man, and for the first time in years, Nico starts to consider the possibility of trusting his tattered heart to someone again.Yet when a secret is revealed that shakes him to his core and threatens to tear his family apart, Nico retreats, so far and so fast that no one, not even the man who was starting to make him believe he could love again, might ever be able to reach him.