Saturday, September 12, 2015

GRL Pre-Orders

A quick reminder for those of you who will be at GRL and would like an autographed copy of any of my books, since a few people have asked: I won't be selling at a table, but I will be bringing paperbacks for those who pre-order them ahead of time.

The cost is $10 per book, and I will bill you through Paypal. A list of all my books follows. Please email me at AlexaLandWrites at or message me on Facebook if you'll be at GRL and would like one or more books. The cut-off date to order is September 20th.

The Firsts and Forever Series:
1. Way Off Plan
2. All In
3. In Pieces
4. Gathering Storm
5. Salvation
6. Skye Blue
7. Against the Wall
8. Belonging
9. Coming Home
Other books:
(paranormal M/M romance)
The Tinder Chronicles (the complete 3-volume vampire hunter series)

And of course, feel free to bring books you already own if you'd like them signed! I'll also be giving away some free swag that can be signed, if you'd prefer that. Looking forward to meeting a few of my readers at GRL!