Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hunted Out Friday!

The second Tinder novella is getting its final polish, with an anticipated publication date on Amazon of Friday, September 27th. To celebrate its release, I've put the first installment of The Tinder Chronicles on sale for a limited time. You can find it here.

Thank you to my readers that have taken the time to email me and let me know you're looking forward to more Tinder! It's so very appreciated!

Below is a little teaser. It's the first page of Hunted. Enjoy.:)

Stop being such a wuss and pull the goddamn trigger!
I sighted down the length of the homemade crossbow in my hands and lined up my shot. I had to adjust the angle slightly, because the slim wooden stake it fired would be smashing through glass before it reached its target.
And again, I hesitated.
Come on, what the hell are you waiting for? I chided myself. He’s a damn vampire. Not only that, he’s a damn vampire that can walk in daylight. Just shoot him already!
The vampire in question was named Nikolai. And the thing that was stopping me from reducing him to a snack for dust mites was the cute little human at his side. Nate.
During a recent prolonged hostage situation, Nate and I had become friends (I had been the hostage. And no, I wasn’t totally bonkers and suffering from a raging case of Stockholm syndrome, but thanks for assuming that). Nate and Nikolai now incorrectly believed they’d been erased from my memory. They thought they were safe from me.
So there they were, in the kitchen of their tiny light blue cottage, cleaning up together after dinner. They did this every night, always with the curtains wide open. They were such creatures of habit, which made Nikolai an incredibly easy mark.
I was sprawled out on my belly, on the hillside directly across the street from their house. Since the breeze was blowing my scent away from them, the vamp didn’t know I was here. That was kind of stupid, though. I mean, scent or no scent, I wasn’t exactly invisible in the dark. Not to a vampire.
Oh my God, just end him! I’d been out here for about an hour, and parts of me were going numb. Plus, I was pretty sure some ants had found their way up the right leg of my jeans, and it itched like crazy. It was so stupid that I was stalling like this. I shifted slightly, lined up my shot…and failed to pull the trigger.
I was going soft. That’s all there was to it. The fact that I’d let a hundred perfect shots go by proved it.
What difference did it make that he was married to a human, and that I happened to like that human? The bloodsucker was dangerous, more so than most because of the incredibly rare daylight talisman in his possession. It was completely irresponsible of me not to dust him.
And for the love of God, now the vamp was standing directly in front of the window, reaching up to put something on a shelf above it. It was like he wanted to be shot. I sighted down the crossbow. Again. And I didn’t pull the trigger. Again. I sighed dramatically and whacked my forehead against the dry grass a few times. When I looked up, the vampire was smiling at Nate, saying something to him as he grabbed a set of keys and stepped out the front door.