Monday, June 24, 2013

Keep Those Contest Entries Coming!

The first of two $20 Amazon gift cards that I'm giving away was won in a matter of minutes Sunday by the lovely and talented Ann of San Diego, California. All hail Ann and her mad geek skills!! :)

I will post the answer to my Nerd-Off trivia question here on Wednesday, by the way, so you can keep guessing until then!

And don't forget: you can enter the random drawing for the second $20 Amazon gift card from now through noon PST Wednesday 6/26/13 (see contest details in the last post). You don't even have to know the right answer to win! Just email me at with a random guess to the trivia question in Sunday's blog post and you're entered in the drawing. Easy peasy! The winner will be announced Wednesday afternoon.

It's been a blast getting to hear from so many readers that have never contacted me before! I love knowing there are actually people out there, and I'm not just talking to myself on this blog! :)

Thanks for playing, guys!