Saturday, January 26, 2013

Sneak Peek!

I just put together the cover for another book that's nearing completion, and I got so excited that I had to share. Yep, I do my own covers. It's a one-woman show here, folks: writing, editing, graphic design, publishing, promotion -- I do it all.

Feral is a paranormal M/M romance. And OMG are you gonna love the bad boy in this one! ;) He's hot with a capital H-O-T.

It's actually the very first M/M novel I ever wrote -- I completed the first draft last summer. I intend to have it up on Amazon in the next few weeks.

I kind of wanted to see how I would do independently publishing my Firsts and Forever series on Amazon before publishing this book. And actually, so far that's gone better than I could have hoped for, so I decided to go this route with Feral as well.

Here's the description I'm working on for Amazon:

He was watching me.

I sensed his presence weeks before I saw him. Day after day, I peered out into the woods beside the lake house, unable to shake the feeling that someone was out there. But I never caught a glimpse of him. Eventually I convinced myself it had to be my imagination, that spending so much time by myself was starting to mess with my mind. 

I was so wrong.

So begins Nathaniel Logan’s story. Nate is a twenty two year old college student, reeling after a recent breakup while struggling to find his way in the world. He’s spending the summer at his stepdad’s lake house in Northern California, where he’s supposed to be “finding himself.” But what finds him instead will alter the course of Nate’s life forever.

I look forward to finishing the editing process on this one and bringing it to you soon!