Monday, December 24, 2012

Book Two in the Firsts and Forever Series

Thank you to all who've been reading and reviewing Way Off Plan, my M/M romance that debuted on recently. The second book in the Firsts and Forever series is entitled All In, and will be available on Amazon in early 2013.

Here's a sneak peek at the cover:

Kinda hot, right?!

All In is a bit steamier than the first book in the series, as you can probably guess by that cover. This time the story focuses on Charlie, Jamie Nolan's ex-boyfriend, a gorgeous former football player who's scared to death of his own sexuality.

Even though he's really not over Jamie, Charlie finds himself drawn to Dante Dombruso, the handsome, highly dangerous leader of a mafia crime family. Dante has made his objective clear: he intends to get Charlie into bed.

The confident, sexy Sicilian is nothing short of intimidating. But Charlie already lost everything once by giving in to his fear, and he's not willing to make the same mistake again.

Charlie knows there's only one way to be involved with Dante. He can't date him a little, he can't trust him a little, he can't go to bed with him a little. If he's going to get involved with Dante, he has to be All In.