Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday: The Critters

Today, I’m taking a look back at some of the animals that have provided comic relief throughout the Firsts and Forever series. This began all the way back in All In (book 2 in the series) with Peaches, the zombie lap dog from hell. To me, he looked something like this:

And in All I Ever Wanted, my work in progress, I’m bringing back Puffy the Attack Cat for an encore. Is it just me, or do Persian cats always look slightly pissed off?

But one of my favorites has to be the Royal Rodent.

In Skye Blue, the sixth book in the series, Skye ends up adopting a mouse that hitches a ride to his apartment in a junkyard find. He makes a home for it in a big, metal bird cage shaped like the Taj Mahal. Here’s the scene where he sees the rodent for the first time and inadvertently dyes it pink:

Just then, a little white mouse stuffed itself out of a gap in the corner of my new sign and blinked his beady black eyes at me. I gasped and leapt up, pressing myself against the wall. Holy hell! How was I going to get that thing out of my bed without actually touching it?
A moment later, I was startled all over again. The weird, blond-haired cat from the other night leapt up onto the bed and pinned the mouse with one paw, then shot me a slightly evil look that seemed to say, “Want me to kill this for you?” The window was still open a few inches, but I hadn’t seen him come in.
I looked around frantically, then grabbed a mostly empty glass from my nightstand. The cat stepped back as I inverted the tumbler and slammed it down over the mouse. It had contained maybe half an inch of fruit punch diluted with melted ice, which doused the little rodent. The mouse shook itself like a dog, its fur puffing out and sticking up in wet, now-pink spikes, then went back to staring at me, this time through the glass.
I kept an eye on it as I sat back down, pressing the glass firmly against the mattress. I’d been using my computer as a shield throughout all of that, and I returned it to my lap and looked at the screen. BoxerBoy had sent a few messages, along the lines of still there? Did I lose you? I quickly explained the mouse situation, typing with one hand since I wasn’t about to let go of the glass. Now that got a ‘LOL.’
River knocked on my door and swung it open far enough to stick his head in. “Conrad’s waiting downstairs, I got all my stuff loaded in his Honda. I’m leaving that secondhand bed and desk, maybe your new roommate can use it once you find someone.”
“Great. Whatever.”
“Look Skye, I know we’re both kind of pissed right now, but this is for the best. You’ll see.” He noticed the mouse-under-glass then and didn’t say anything about it, as if he fully expected to come into my room and find me playing with pink, puffy rodents. “I’ll call you soon.” He pulled the door shut behind him.


Not many people would try to keep a wild mouse as a pet. Skye's just the type of person who would, though. And, maybe, just maybe, I tried this once, too. Mice are really good at chewing through things when they want to escape, just FYI. :)